Interested in becoming a SJCCA student?

The first step is to apply on HAC

  • Log into Home Access Center (HAC) with your student login ID and password
    • Your login ID will start with an “S”, followed by your student number. Contact your current St. Johns County school if you do not know your password.
  • Select the CLASSES icon
  • Select the REQUESTS tab
  • Click the EDIT button to the right of Academy/Program of Choice Application
  • Each option is shown with a 1, 2, or 3 in the description
    • Check an option with a 1 to indicate your first choice (the academy or program that you most want to be in)
    • Check an option with a 2, if you have a second choice
    • Check an option with a 3, if you have a third choice.
  • Click the SAVE button
    • Your selections will be shown on the REQUESTS tab


  • You may request to be considered for programs located in different schools. However, you will only be selected for placement in a single school, in order of your choice
  • You may request to be considered for different programs within a school
    • For example, you can request to be in SJCCA Piano, as well as SAHS AICE, and SAHS Future Teachers
  • Transportation is only provided to your zoned school

INVALID Request Examples:

  • Don’t forget your first choice
    • SAHS/SJCCA Band – 2 (SAHSCCAB)
    • SAHS/SJCCA Dance – 3 (SAHSCCAD)
  • Pick only one first/second/third choice
    • SAHS/SJCCA Band – 1 (SAHSCCAB)
    • SAHS/SJCCA Dance – 1 (SAHSCCAD)
  • Don’t pick the same program more than once
    • SAHS/SJCCA Band – 1 (SAHSCCAB)
    • SAHS/SJCCA Band – 2 (SAHSCCAB)
    • SAHS/SJCCA Band – 3 (SAHSCCAB)
  • Don’t pick more than three programs
    • SAHS/SJCCA Band – 1 (SAHSCCAB)
    • SAHS/SJCCA Dance – 1 (SAHSCCAD)
    • SAHS/SJCCA Drawing/Painting – 3 (SAHSCCADP)

The second step is to audition

Visit the PROGRAMS page to get more information

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