They Piano Program introduces students to the basics of piano and reading music. Advanced students may explore their own style and play various genres as they expand their knowledge of music theory.


Johnathan Peters


 January 31, 2020 @ 3pm to 4pm SJCCA Piano Auditions


There is a yearly Fair Share Fee of $30.00 assessed to each student. Contact the teacher directly for scholarship information.

Students with prior piano experience are required to:

  • Play a brief selection (no longer than three minutes) that best demonstrates their capabilities. Students must bring their own music to the audition. Playing by ear is not acceptable! The piece should be something that the student has learned recently. Rock, gospel, or pop selections are not appropriate.
  • Sight read a brief selection of the teacher’s choice to help determine music reading ability.

Technique, musicianship, rhythm, accuracy, tone, posture, artistic practice, audition preparation, engagement, and professionalism will be assessed for both the prepared piece and the sight reading selection.

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