The Musical Theatre Program introduces students to the history and performance of musical theatre. Introducing a complete four year curriculum in Musical Theatre focusing on history, vocal, dance, and acting techniques, SJCCA Musical Theatre prepares students for a career in Musical Theatre.

For the upcoming school years, all students interested in Musical Theatre Tech including Stage Management, Lighting, Sound, Costumes, Scenic Design, etc… will be redirected to the SJCCA Theatre Tech courses. Students will work on all of the productions for both seasons.

Anastasia: The Musical Audition Information

Please select August 13, 2024 as your date for auditions.

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Fairshare 2024-2025

FairShare: Students involved in the SJCCA Musical Theatre Courses are required to pay a FairShare to help maintain the use of the facilities and equipment (Scripts, Costumes, Mics, etc…) used over the course of the year. A yearly FairShare fee of $150.00 will be assessed to each student. Acceptable payment can be made through Cuttime, as well as Check or Cash. Check payments are made to SJCCA Musical Theatre Boosters.


Katy Polk

[email protected]

Instagram: @sjccamusicaltheatre


Musical Theatre Auditions:

There is a yearly Fair Share fee of $150.00 assessed to each student.

  • Students should come to the auditions with a 60-90 second selection of a solo from the Musical Theatre Repertoire (Broadway, Off-Broadway, etc.). Please include appropriate blocking and characterization while performing.
  • There will be no piano accompanist at the audition so make sure you have the accompaniment track on your phone or other digital device to perform your vocal solo. You cannot perform a cappella. There may not be any background vocals on the track.
  • Students must also prepare a 30 second cut of a monologue, preferably from a published piece of work (ex. Play, Musical, Movie, TV), NOT a monologue written especially for auditions.
  • There will also be a Separate Musical Theatre dance call on audition day. Please make sure you check the schedule and be available for the Musical Theatre Dance audition as well. The following is required for the MT Dance call: Students should arrive to the audition in appropriate dance attire. All dancers must wear professional all-black dance attire (no sports bras or crop tops). Tees, leotards, tights, tanks, shorts, and/or leggings are allowed. Hair must be pulled back and out of face (secure bun is preferred for long hair).

Students must complete the vocal and acting audition, AND the separate MT dance audition in order to be considered for the Musical Theatre program.

Please email Ms. Katy Polk with any questions.

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