Musical Theatre

The Musical Theatre Program introduces students to the history and performance of musical theatre. From the beginnings of vaudeville to neoromantic, and everything in between; the program addresses a wide range of genres to perfect every students acting and singing abilities. There is a musical theatre tech class for students interested in stage management, costumes, lighting design, sound design, props and back stage crew. In addition to the MT tech crew, we offer a beginning, intermediate and advanced musical theatre classes to serve all different skill levels of students.


Jeff Dodd

Anthony Romeo-Adcock

Instagram: @sjccamusicaltheatre


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There is a yearly Fair Share fee of $200.00 assessed to each student. (MT Tech and MT Performers) Contact the teachers directly for scholarship information.

  • Students should come to the auditions with a prepared vocal solo from a Broadway show. Please include appropriate blocking and characterization while performing.
  • Students must have one year of high school chorus (with good reading skills) in order to be a part of the musical theatre program. (9th grade students selected must also take chorus concurrently with musical theatre)

There will be no piano accompanist at the audition so make sure you have the accompaniment track on your phone or other digital device to perform your vocal solo. You cannot perform a cappella.

If a student passes this audition, they will be asked for a call back to the dance portion of the audition to be held at a later time.

  • At the dance call back audition, students will be asked to learn a dance phrase as a group to perform. This will demonstrate the student’s movement ability. (This will be musical theatre style dance.)
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