2024-2025 Season

SJCCA Theatre Mission Statement: “SJCCA Theatre provides a safe artistic outlet for theatre artists to have a sense of belonging and make bold choices through academic rigor, performance, and production. With a focus on knowledge and skill, SJCCA Theatre prepares compassionate artists for a career in theatre arts. Our mission reminds young theatre artists that their art is powerful, and they are powerful.”

Ms. T’s Student Learning Outcomes: 

  • Will discover and demonstrate the elements of acting and theatre history. 
  • Will acquire a basic understanding of theatre pedagogy including terms, methods, and concepts. 
  • Will demonstrate competent applications of the skills necessary in the creation of a performance. 
  • Will acquire a basic understanding of Technical Theatre applications. 
  • Will work to diminish any self-conscious and with the proper reflection transform it into self-respect and self-confidence. 
  • Will be able to properly reflect on not only their personal performance, but the performance of others.  
    • Identify proper technique, what felt unmotivated, and what to improve for next time.  
  • Will feel free to let loose their inhibitions that mentally block their creativity and connection to others. 
    • Not only is this a brave space to make choices and explore, but this is also a safe space- a completely judgement free zone (art is subjective). 
  • Will read plays, analyze the piece of text, and transform them into a performance to gain an appreciation for the creation of theatre and a respect for live art.  


Jillianne Tamillo – Theatre Director
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Fair Share

FairShare: Students involved in the SJCCA Theatre Courses are required to pay a FairShare to help maintain the use of the facilities and equipment (Scripts, Costumes, Mics, etc…) used over the course of the year. A yearly FairShare fee of $125.00 will be assessed to each student. Acceptable payment can be made through Cuttime, as well as Check or Cash. Check payments are made to SJCCA Drama Boosters.


Audition Info: Students must prepare a 60 cut of a monologue, from a published play/musical (please no monologues from tv shows or movies). Student is expected to have the monologue memorized. The teacher will workshop the monologue with you to determine the level of acting skills you possess. 

To Schedule a Theatre Audition, Click Here.

Theatre Tech Auditions:

Students will be asked to fill out an application. During the day of auditions, students should arrive for theatre times and sit for an interview with the teacher. Please bring a portfolio or pictures of previous work if you can, but not mandatory. 

To Schedule a Theatre Tech Interview, Click Here.