The drama program at St. Augustine High School introduces students to a wide range of theatre styles. From Ancient Greek to Post – Modern, students will be able to perfect their acting ability in a range of environments.


Michael Beaman

Instagram: @sjccatheater


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Fair Share Fees

Students and Families can choose one of two ways to pay their Fair Share obligation. 

OPTION 1: There is a $35 fee that will everyone is responsible to pay that covers basic use of equipment and the t-shirt for the program.  The students can then pay for the following events as they qualify.  This is a good option for students who primarily participate in class only.

District Fees $55 TBD
Show Fee $75 Due 7 days after casting
Workshop Fee $10 Due day of workshop
Show Tickets $8 Due day of show
Showcase Tickets $5 Due Day of Show
Classroom Fees (Includes a T-Shirt) $35 (Everyone is obligated to pay this fee) TBD

OPTION 2: Students may choose to pay a one-time fee of $165.  This fee will cover District fees (if selected), show fees (if cast), work shop fees, one ticket for each show produced by SJCCA Theater, and classroom fees (including your t-shirt).  This is a great option for students who participate in a number of events and could potentially save a bunch of money.

Students who feel they cannot pay the Fair Share fee please see Mr. Beaman and we will find a way to get assistance in meeting that obligation.  No student should feel like they can’t participate because of a financial situation.


Students should come to the audition with one prepared monologue (memorized). The teacher will workshop with the student on their monologue to determine the level of acting skills that they possess.

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