The Chorus Program puts students through a rigorous course to develop singing and general music capabilities. Students will sing in a variety of languages, styles, and at an assortment of venues during the school year. The SJCCA Chorus is the largest performing ensemble on campus and offers all students the opportunity to participate and grow as a vocalist.


Lindsey Tran

SJCCA Choral Director

Instagram: @sjccachorus


Chorus Auditions:    

There is a yearly Fair Share Fee of $150.00 to $200.00 assessed to each student

Students interested in participating in the SJCCA Chorus will audition with Mrs. Poe. Students do not need to prepare music. Students will learn a selection of music together as a group of auditionees and perform the selection as a group. After the group audition, each student will sing independently a short vocal pattern taught in the audition.

To Schedule a Chorus Audition, please Click Here.