The Chorus Program puts students through a rigorous course to develop singing and general music capabilities. Students will sing in a variety of languages, styles, and at an assortment of venues during the school year. The SJCCA Chorus is the largest performing ensemble on campus and offers all students the opportunity to participate and grow as a vocalist.


Madeline Poe

SJCCA Choral Director

Instagram: @sjccachorus



There is a yearly Fair Share Fee of $150.00 assessed to each student. Contact the teacher directly for scholarship information. For virtual auditions, students must perform at least one minute of a song of their choice. Video the audition and submit to [email protected] You may perform a cappella or perform with an instrumental track to back you up. Make sure that you review the performance before submitting to ensure that you can be heard and it shows off your best vocal technique. For in person auditions, students do not need to prepare a solo to sing for the audition. Students will be asked to do several vocal exercises given to them on site. This will allow the teacher to hear vocal tone quality, vocal range and vocal technique. If a student has a solo prepared and would like to sing it please inform the teacher when they enter the room for the audition. Keep in mind that there will not be a piano player in the room for the audition and time may not allow the solo to be performed.